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Storm Response and Snow Removal Update

Sunday January 24th - 2:00pm

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East Amwell Township has only 5 DPW employees which includes the Superintendent.  We truly need your understanding, cooperation and patience especially now, as they clean up after a blizzard of record proportions.  Here is an update on their activities: 

Our Mayor and Township Committee as well as our Office of Emergency Management have been actively monitoring our activities since before the snow began.  They too understand the magnitude of this snow removal effort. 

DPW has been plowing since late Friday.  Yesterday, things had deteriorated to the point that our big plows were getting stuck and were not able to plow.  

The DPW Superintendent switched to our road grader with the big V plow.  During the storm he advised that he really couldn't see due to the conditions!  He had to get a JCP&L truck unstuck as well as our own plows.  Our big trucks then followed the grader.  Last night, the snow was over 30 inches.  I was advised that Rainbow Hill Road had snow 8+ feet deep.  It took them 12 hours to hit all of our roads ONCE and that was without any breaks for meals etc.  Needless to say, many will look untouched.  They were also trying to be responsive to needs such as a nurse on Boss road who had to get into the hospital to work etc.

snow storm plow

Today, we have received calls from Hunterdon Dispatch for people who had to go to a funeral, had to get to work etc etc.

The crew is still trying to be responsive but they are now in the Grader, Loader, and Backhoe.  Slower but they are not stuck.  Even a quick response could be near an hour.  These vehicles are slow on a clear dry day, it takes a considerable amount of time to traverse the Township. 

They had a short period of sleep but had to get up, fix equipment that broke, and were back out plowing around 5:30AM today, Sunday January 24, 2016.  

At this point they are trying to open roads but will be looking for an opportunity to shutdown once things are open so that they can leave and get some sleep.... of course they will need to take care of their own homes since they haven't been there since Friday.  

I hope that you all can assist by being patient.  Unless it is life threatening we all really need to hang in there until the crew can get back in again tomorrow.  They're not leaving yet but they need a break at some point. The roads will not be perfect today.  If you do see the crew working, a friendly gesture would be much appreciated.  They are tired and have been doing what most of us cannot do.  A kind word would go a long way.  These men  are doing one heck of a job.  Incredible really.  

Our Superintendent believes that the municipal center will be plowed and we should be open for business tomorrow...
After they get home for a good nights sleep they will be back tomorrow to make the roads more passable. 

If you have a dire emergency call 9-1-1.  All services can be dispatched from Hunterdon County.  We do not dispatch our trucks from the Municipal Building. 

I hope this update helps all understand the effort our small DPW department is putting forth. 

Thanks to all our residents for their anticipated cooperation as we work hard to get everything back to normal.

Timothy L. Matheny,  MS, CPM
Township Administrator / RPPO, QPA 
East Amwell Township

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