Local Services

Information Regarding
Responsible Department
Phone Number
Affordable HousingClerk for Coah Liaison908-782-8536, ext. 19
Animal Service (Non Emergency)St. Hubert's After 5 p.m. follow prompts908-526-3330

Animal Service (Emergency)

State Police to Dispatch Aco908-996-2864
Birth CertificatesRegistrar908-782-8536, ext. 19
Block and LotTax Assessor / Township Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 17 or 10
Building Plan CopiesTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10 or 19
Construction PermitsWest Amwell Township
150 Rocktown Lambertville Road
Lambertville, NJ 08530
Email Construction
Death CertificatesRegistrar908-782-8536, ext. 19
Deed InquiriesTax Assessor908-782-8536, ext. 17
Development QuestionsPlanning Board908-782-8536, ext. 13
Dog LicensesTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10
Driveway PermitsPublic Works908-782-8536, ext. 18
Farmland AssessmentTax Assessor908-782-8536, ext. 17
Farmland PreservationFarmland/Open Space Committee908-782-8536, ext. 20
Flood Zones - MapsTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 19
Food LicensesBoard of Health908-782-8536, ext. 11
Free Rabies ClinicsHunterdon County Environmental Health
Marriage / Civil Union LicensesRegistrar908-782-8536, ext. 19 or 10
Noise ComplaintsPolice Department908-996-2864
OrdinancesTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 19
ParksTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 19
Perc Tests (Permeability Test)Board of Health908-782-8536, ext. 11
Pet AdoptionSt. Hubert's908-526-3330
Public AssistanceTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10 or 19
Public Health NuisanceBoard of Health908-782-8536, ext. 11
RecyclingRecycling Committee908-782-8536, ext. 11
Roadway ImprovementsPublic Works908-782-8536, ext. 18
School InformationEast Amwell Township Schools908-782-6464
Senior Citizen TaxesTax Assessor or Collector908-782-8536, ext. 12 or 17
Septic System (Abandonment)Board of Health908-782-8536, ext. 13
ShedsZoning Officer908-782-8536, ext. 21
Site Plan CopiesPlanning908-782-8536, ext. 13
Smoke Detectors - ResaleTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10
Snow RemovalPublic Works908-782-8536, ext. 18
Street MapsTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10
Street Openings (Including Curbs and Sidewalks)Public Works908-782-8536, ext. 18
Subdivision ApplicationsZoning / Planning908-782-8536, ext. 13
Tax Bills / Tax InformationTax Collector908-782-8536, ext. 12
Tax Map - Copies - to PurchaseTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10
Tax RebatesTax Assessor or Collector908-782-8536, ext. 12 or 17
Tree Removal on Township PropertyPublic Works908-782-8536, ext. 18
Tree Removal PermitsTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 19
Veteran TaxesTax Assessor or Collector908-782-8536, ext. 12 or 17
Voter RegistrationTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10 or 15
Wells - InstallationBoard of Health908-782-8536, ext. 11
Wells AbandonedBoard of Health908-782-8536, ext. 11
Wetlands MapPlanning Board908-782-8536, ext. 13
Zone Maps - to PurchaseTownship Clerk908-782-8536, ext. 10
Zoning Questions / PermitsZoning908-782-8536, ext. 21