The World Economic Forum estimates that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic straws in the ocean than fish!

The fight against convenience is a tough one, however for the sake of our planet and ocean life we should strive to find alternatives to the pesky plastics we use daily. These biodegradable straws made from wild grass in Vietnam are an awesome step in the right direction! Check out the video below. Other alternatives are stainless steel, reusable silicone and compostable/biodegradable straws.

You can find these alternative straw products on Amazon:


Realizing there are still a lot of plastic straws in use in the community, The Recycling Committee have a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box available for your use to dispose of your CLEAN plastic straws responsibly. TerraCycle will melt down the plastic and up cycle it. You can drop your plastic straws off at the Recycling Depot on the first Saturday of every month between 9am and noon in the Municipal Parking Lot.